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Squishmallow Stackable - Desmund the Dragon 8 inch

Squishmallow Stackable - Desmund the Dragon 8 inch

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When it comes to cooking, look no further than Desmund! Not only does Desmund cook with the best spices and flavors, but he also heats up his steak with his burning hot breath. Everyone in his squad loves a special, home-cooked meal made by Desmund!

Meet Desmund the Dragon!

Introducing the magical Squishmallow Stackable Desmund the Dragon! This enchanting 8 inch plush toy combines the charm of a dragon with the delightful stackable feature of Squishmallows. Desmund is here to ignite your imagination with his vibrant green color, adorable embroidered details, and a friendly smile that is simply irresistible. With the stackable design, you can create towering structures of softness and whimsy, bringing endless possibilities for imaginative play. Crafted with premium materials, this Squishmallow Stackable offers the perfect balance of squishiness and stability, ensuring both comfort and durability. Whether you're stacking, cuddling, or showcasing this magical plush, Desmund the Dragon will bring a touch of fantasy and endless fun to your collection. Get ready to stack up the joy and embark on a magical adventure with Desmund the Dragon Squishmallow Stackable!

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