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Squishmallow Stackable - Briannika the Peacock 8 inch

Squishmallow Stackable - Briannika the Peacock 8 inch

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This lovable 'Mallow is a true extrovert and can strike up a conversation with anyone. Briannika leads with an open mind and heart and believes everyone brings something valuable to the table. Briannika doesn't judge, so come hang for a bit and talk with her!

Meet Briannika the Peacock!

Introducing the enchanting Stackable Briannika the Peacock Squishmallow! This adorable 8-inch plush toy combines the beauty of a peacock with the delightful squishiness of a Squishmallow. Briannika is ready to stack up the fun with her pastel pink , blue, and yellow feathers, embroidered details, and irresistible charm. With her stackable design, you can create towering structures of softness and cuteness. Crafted with premium materials, this stackable Squishmallow offers the perfect balance of squishiness and stability, ensuring endless hours of imaginative play. Whether you're stacking, snuggling, or showcasing this captivating plush, Briannika the Peacock Squishmallow is here to bring joy, color, and whimsy to your collection. Get ready to embark on a stackable adventure like no other!

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