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Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Rosie the Pig - 8 Inches

Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Rosie the Pig - 8 Inches

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Meet Rosie, she’s visiting her family from the other side of the pond! Rosie loves crunchy biscuits, going to concerts with her friends, and spending time with her nanna. Rosie’s nanna makes the best tea and always has yummy treats ready when she comes over.


Rosie is a white pig with very pale purple splotches. She has curly ears and round, black eyes. Her inner ears, snout and belly are all pastel pink.

Farm Squad

Inside Scoop: Rosie is not an official "OG" Squishmallow however, her popularity is deserving of being an OG squish. Her Squish date is 9.19.2019 and many variations in sizes, and styles (winking, sleeping, headband) have since been born. This 8 inch variety is a classic and original variety that we are proud to have in stock.

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