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Squishmallow Drow the Dragon 7.5 inch - Bent Hanger Tag

Squishmallow Drow the Dragon 7.5 inch - Bent Hanger Tag

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Meet Drow the Dragon!

Introducing the captivating Squishmallow Drow the Dragon 7.5" Plush from the Magical Squad collection! This enchanting plush toy embodies the mystical allure of dragons with its deep purple color, whimsical embroidered details, and irresistibly squishy texture. Drow is here to accompany you on magical adventures, filling your imagination with wonder and excitement. Crafted with premium materials, this 7.5" Squishmallow offers a perfect balance of softness and cuddliness, making it an ideal companion for both playtime and bedtime. Whether you're a collector or simply seeking a magical friend, Drow the Dragon from the Magical Squad will bring a touch of enchantment and joy to your life. Let your imagination soar as you embrace the fantastical world of Squishmallows with Drow by your side.

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